Time for Spring Cleaning? Use These Tips From the Professionals

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When the weather begins to warm, we tend to get excited about letting the sun in and doing a deep cleaning as a fresh start. Just like the spring brings a renewed sense of hope and vitality, so can a clean home.

Professional cleaners take a deep clean approach every time they clean, and they offer these tips to help you have even more success this year and years to come.

Keep it Simple

Once you have a complete list, break it down into small chunks. You may want to set a timer and complete as much as you can in the allotted time, or just determine to do a top three list. Don’t try to do the whole list as once – instead determine if you will do a few a day, or only on weekends.

Make it Fun

Put on some upbeat music, hum or sing, or even dance around to make the spring cleaning more fun. Having other people help (or get out of your way by going somewhere for the day), can also help you be more productive. Think of ways to make it good time, rather than just another chore.


Start with the areas of your home that are a priority – this can be the messiest areas, or the most used – whichever is nagging at you the most. Part of the fun of spring cleaning is letting go of what you no longer need. Set up two boxes – one marked “donations” and the other “trash”. As you clean, look for items that can be put into either box.

Be Systematic

Professional cleaning companies not only follow a checklist, they are very systematic as it helps them to not miss anything. This usually means they work each room from top to bottom. After you have done the big cleaning, such as decluttering, go in and look high for cobwebs and dust, work down to wiping trim and cleaning floors.


Finally, celebrate your accomplishments. Too often we are driven to work hard and don’t take the time to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. Put your feet up and enjoy your favorite beverage, or find another way to treat yourself – after all, all that cleaning can be tiring.

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