Floor Cleaning

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Salt Lake City Commercial Floor Cleaning

Running a commercial business encompasses a variety of factors, including maintaining a clean facility. At JAN-PRO®, we’re here to make things easier for you. Our extensive floor cleaning services keep your floors immaculate so you can stay focused on what matters most—your business. Using a superior cleaning technology, we go beyond basic cleaning to provide our clients with quality results they can depend on.

Powerful Commercial Floor Cleaning

As any business owner or property manager knows, maintaining clean floors can take a lot of work. Whether you own a restaurant or run a professional office, customers and clients frequent your establishment on a regular basis, and it’s inevitable that dirt and debris will get tracked in from outside. Over time, a buildup of dirt becomes a prime target for stains to set in. 

How does JAN-PRO® combat this process? We use powerful multifold cleaning techniques to lift dirt, fight stains and disinfect against germs and bacteria. With our four-filter backpack vacuums that help improve air quality by removing dirt to 0.3 microns and color-coded microfiber cloths to help prevent cross-contamination, we bring you the JP Signature Clean®.

Reliable Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

We proudly offer the most innovative cleaning services in the business! EnviroShield, our sprayer delivery system that is state of the art, is unlike anything accessible today’s marketplace. It uses a chain of distinct sprayers that are made for programs and particular regions. An electrostatic negative charge is added by the sprayer nozzle to the disinfecting solution as its implemented. The cleaning solution really clings to the surfaces it touches, removing dangerous bacteria.

When you really need commercial floor cleaning services in Salt Lake City, pick JAN-PRO®! Our highly trained janitorial staff has the knowledge and expertise needed to supply the deepest clean possible to your business or commercial property. Each and every time your customers or employees walk through your doors, ensure that you make a positive impact with a clean space that provides an unrivaled professional impression. Whether you need daily, weekly or monthly service, a JAN-PRO® technician will always arrive at your establishment on time and in uniform with a photo ID.