Spring Cleaning? How about Fall Cleaning? 8 Tips to Get Ready for the Winter

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We naturally seem to be drawn to spring cleaning – opening the windows and letting in the fresh air and moving out the staleness of the winter. But don’t overlook the importance of fall cleaning and its importance, as well.  Prepping your home for the winter is always a smart move. Fall cleaning wards off the germs that can cause the flu, colds, and overall discomfort during our hibernating months.

Wash Bedding

Wash your bedding before you hunker down for the winter. Fresh linens, blankets that have been stored, duvet covers, and pillows should be washed to remove dust mites, body oils, and dirt.

Blankets and comforters that have been stored may be dusty and you won’t want to be breathing it in, so wash before you swap out your lighter bedding for the thicker, warmer pieces. Put a fresh blanket or throw on the sofa or your favorite sitting area for a comfy touch.

If you or a family member gets sick, get lots of sleep and wash bedding once again so the germs don’t stick around.

Tray Your Shoes

Shoes and boots can drag in a bunch of dirt, snow, and mud. Professional cleaners recommend swapping out your old welcome mat for a heartier one, or have a boot brush outside the door. A shoe tray inside the entrance invites guests to remove soiled shoes and lets the outside stay off of your carpets and floors.

Be ready for the wetter weather with a shoe tray and make cold and wet weather-gear more accessible.

Prep for Air Comfort

Depending on your client, you may want to install a humidifier or dehumidifier to balance the moisture in the air. If you have a central heating system, now is the time for a duct cleaning to reduce allergens from continually blowing through your home with less ventilation.

Change your furnace filter and have it serviced prior to its first use to ensure it’s ready for the cold weather.


Keep antibacterial wipes, cleaners, and soaps available and encourage frequent handwashing – such as when returning home, before food prep and eating, and after using the restroom, to reduce the spread of germs.

Wipe down surfaces with a wipe or cleaner regularly during the winter months, and consider using products with less powerful scents if you or anyone in your household is sensitive. If you are unable to keep up with sanitizing surfaces, consider hiring a cleaning service to help with this chore.

Get Deep

Fall can be the perfect time to get carpets and upholstery, including your mattress professionally cleaned. If you are a cuddler or expect to spend more time indoors, having fresh, clean areas to rest is a priority.

Set time aside for a deep clean of other areas as well, such as pantries which may attract pests looking for food and warmth. Check periodically for signs of critters and address it quickly to eliminate germs and bacteria rodents leave behind.