How to buy property in Mallorca and avoid unnecessary costs?

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The most economical option is buying property in Mallorca from a developer. For the middle class – a more reliable and profitable way to become the owner of Spanish property. Moreover, you become not just the owner, but the investor of their own home under construction, which significantly reduces the cost per square meter for you. You get first hand information about the progress of the work. In fact, you build yourself – with the help of first-class specialists, from the best European materials, under the reliable control of European legislation and take a ready-made apartment or house ready in strictly designated time. 

And how can you find a company that will guarantee the fulfillment of all obligations and the quality and timing of work? From abroad an ordinary person, not a specialist in the field of construction and real estate, it is difficult to do it, but it is possible! – Contact the company, which will help you save time and considerable funds in finding and choosing the right developer. We will find a construction company for you that does not focus on large real estate agencies, but on private middle class investors. And prices will be offered to you then affordable, and transparency of control over the expenditure of your funds will be guaranteed – as with private capital, under European law, builders work with a stressed responsibility and constant reporting.

What are the guarantees?

  1. Guarantee of strict construction terms. The Spanish construction company is a reliable company that meets all the requirements for building your own home in Mallorca. It specializes in the construction of houses and apartments with investments of private middle class investors. Within a few months, an apartment building is being built. You can then move in and live there yourself without delay, or rent out or sell your apartment. Completion of construction in accordance with the terms specified in the contract is common practice, but failure to comply with obligations threatens to impose penalties. And an insurance policy in case of unforeseen circumstances will allow the company to complete the work on the site to the full satisfaction of the customer. 
  2. The guarantee that the house will really be built with your money. Firstly, you and all other investors (if the house is an apartment) after signing the contract become the official owners of the land on which the house will be built, the owners of the house itself and will be listed in the Land Register – the main register confirming the right to real estate in Spain. Secondly, your money as an investor is in a special bank account at the notary and transferred to the construction firm not the entire amount at once, and parts, for the performance of a certain stage of work – on the basis of a report by the architect with the provision of photographs of each stage of construction. The architect, as the project manager, is personally responsible for the execution of the work, both in terms of timing and quality.
  3. Guarantee of transparency of control over means and construction process. According to the law, you, as homeowners, have the function of control and can come to the construction site yourself or send a representative at any time and make sure that the construction company is fulfilling its obligations. Not only can you see with your own eyes how the construction is progressing, but you can also check with documents from suppliers and manufacturers to see if the quality of the materials used is in accordance with the declared requirements. The principle of transparency of control also applies to the accounting reports, which the company is obliged to provide you with upon completion of the main stages of work.