How the WSOP (World Series of Poker) was born

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When Seth Palansky is asked about Station Casinos online poker in Nevada, he inevitably mentions patience. This slogan was cited last month when the Station Casinos program provided by the Ultimate Poker website became the first absolutely legal, and most importantly profitable, online gambling application launched in the United States. Becoming the first is not the main thing, Palansky told Caesars Interactive. It takes only a little patience, he said.

Caesars is now gearing up to launch a fully functional WSOP site in the .com domain zone during the 44th annual World Series of Poker to possibly become the second Nevada website to offer real money poker tables. And if everything goes as planned, the official WSOP website will be launched on July 6. Players will get the opportunity to compete in a 10-day online poker tournament. The Nevada gaming department has approved a collaboration between Caesars Entertainment Corp. and 888 Holdings PLC, a hybrid company that manages online casinos in the United Kingdom.

WSOP – birth story

This was the first collaboration of its kind in the history of online games in Nevada, and it was this collaboration that paved the way for the launch of websites using the famous WSOP brand. But the seed of cooperation was sown much earlier.

“The story began a few years ago,” said Itai Frieberger, CEO of 888 Holdings PLC.

In late 2009, when Caesars was known as Harrah, the great casino giant wanted to enter the UK online gaming market with its WSOP brand. Caesars found its way to the UK market when it signed a multi-million dollar deal with Dragonfish, owned by 888 Holdings PLC.

888 Holdings attracted Caesars in 2006 when an offshore company left the United States market, which at that time generated $ 15 million in revenue.

As we already wrote, in the USA there is a specific gambling market, and this has been once again confirmed. An exodus ensued following a bill approved by President George W. Bush, which imposed special restrictions on online games in the United States. It was not long before the US Congress forbade credit companies to give out money earned by players on websites.

888 Holdings quickly left the United States, leaving a huge chunk of the North American market. But other offshore companies remained under the supervision of one of the most scandalous laws of 2011 in the United States.

It was then that operators of some of the world’s largest online gaming websites were indicted for the crisis known as Black Friday. The Department of Justice has closed the domains of the largest offshore operators working with American clients (we wrote about this in more detail in this article). The crisis forced players to return to the brick-and-mortar casino and risk breaking the law. Still, Caesars made titanic efforts to get permission to engage in online gambling business in Nevada, but at the same time maintained its relationship with 888 Holdings. Palansky’s decision to leave one of the most profitable markets in the world helped strengthen relations with 888 Holdings, which hired more than 1,600 programmers from around the world to develop its projects.

“Finding a partner led to two paths: good software and usability,” Palansky said. “At the end of the day, 888 was the best acceptable solution for us. “America is not rich in people with the experience we need, and we were very impressed with their level of professionalism.”

At least 500 programmers from 888 Holdings have spent most of their time developing software for Caesars in recent years, developing WSOP technology.

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