Guide to the game on Mirage for beginners: Ramp and Palace

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Since Mirage is so popular with the players, we consider it necessary to conduct a short survival course for the young fighter on this map. Today we will consider the frequent mistakes of beginners when interacting with enemy forces on some points. You can also take a closer look at csgo case sites for more information. So, here the important thing is to intercept control. In the absence of clear instructions and special plans for the round is dominated by the team that controls the center. From there, the easiest way to gather information about the enemy and give the necessary frags, resulting in an attack on base A or B, and the defense side calculates the most likely direction of attack. Let us consider the key danger points on the map.


If you were on the side of the defense and you fell the role of “supporter” at base A, then remember that the “rat” can come out at the most unexpected moment to make mud on your territory. To prevent this from happening, use your smoke grenades to close the aperture and prevent the insolent enemy to monitor the situation at the point.

Smoke must lie inside the pit in the arch itself, not outside, otherwise the sneaky Entry Frager from the enemy team may sneak out of it to a position called Tetris. After all, fig is not a wall, as some inexperienced fighters think. As a result, there will be dirt on the point again, and you do not want it? If you play for the side of the attack, the rats in the pit can be a real headache for you. And these gentlemen often play in your team. The first thing to be weaned from is to go to the pit if the team has no original idea to break through point A. It is much more important to take control of the map. Rats always run to where it is safer, but this is a manifestation of cowardice, and Counter-Strike – a game for the brave.

If in your stack when playing for the T side a few people go every time in the pit and stand there the whole round, you can start to beat the alarm. While their brave comrades are trying to collect information on the map and give important information, the rats sincerely hope that the enemy himself will climb into their den, but this is a delusion. Inaction leads to the fact that the timer presses, begins a panic attack on point A, but the enemy is already guessing about it. As a result, there are several sad corpses of the attack near Tetris. Fighting with rats in their own team is very difficult. One of the options is to persuade different degrees of tension. If the polite tone does not help, the course is more powerful arguments related to the pedigree of the rats.


One more position for lovers of closed spaces. This is where the attacking player, who is sometimes ready to wait for his stellar hour until the end of the round, likes to stand. Often remains the only survivor of the team, after which he blames his teammates with the phrase “gg playing with noobs”. He may repeat this tactic until the end of the round. Even if the attack has already set a bomb on Base B, always wait for the player who will come out with the Palace and will go in your back.

If you play for CT, feel free to buy smoke grenades. If your teammate in the beginning of the round put a symphony in the pit, count 8-10 seconds and close with your symphony the exit from Palace to point A. This will help you win some seconds and disorient your opponent. If you are confident in your aim, do not hesitate to do the Palace press sometimes. The enemy may not expect this. If you manage to give it, do not be greedy. Repeat immediately, throwing the flash grenade for fidelity, so that you do not get a change. Additionally you can get interesting csgo skin upgrade, but here it is important to use reliable sources that can offer you great options.