Does my Carpet Need Shampooing? How to Know You’re Due

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Investing in carpet shampooing from professional cleaners is a task many engage in from time to time, but just how often should it be done? Some find themselves doing it on a fairly regular basis, while others go years without seeking commercial cleaning services. So, who’s right? Check out some of our guidelines below.

Do You Have Pets or Children?

Some say you should have your carpets addressed by professional cleaners at least once per year, while others say every two years is fine. Depending on how much traffic you have, this can actually vary from household to household. There are two things that should definitely factor into your carpet cleaning equation: children and pets.

A home with children tends to see more dirt and, even if you are a clean freak, there is going to be more germs and toxins in your environment. In fact, many of these cleaning chemicals pollute your air around 200 – 500% more than the air outside, according to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you have kids, be sure to have all of your carpets professionally cleaned at once per year, and it would be wise to have the higher traffic areas cleaned every six months.

How do the rules change for pets? A home with no children, but one (or maybe a few) pets should typically be cleaned even more than a home with multiple children. Between shedding fur, tracking in mud, and the critters sick throughout the home, you are looking at a lot of build up. Most would recommended a full cleaning twice per year, with high-traffic areas being addressed more often, typically every three to six months.

Are you like many homeowners who have the double whammy of both kids and pets? Then, hire professional cleaners to address the entire space once per quarter and try to get the high-traffic areas scrubbed every couple of months for the best results year after year.

Is it Worth It?

We get that hiring a cleaning company to come in multiple times per year may seem like it is not worth it, but there are a lot of hidden things that can live and grow in your carpet. From dust mites to germs to allergens and more, there are countless things a professional cleaning will address, and it will leave your carpets looking better than ever, too.

All in all, paying for regular cleanings is typically much more affordable than having your carpets torn out and getting new ones put in, and it is a lot less stressful of a process, too. You deserve the best care possible for your home, so work with the crew here at DustBusters Cleaning Service, Inc. today.