Delta Air Lines and other gift cards

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If you like to travel, a gift card from Delta Air Lines will definitely be a great way for you to save money. You can buy such a card at this link Let’s take a closer look at this possibility.

Delta Air Lines: information about the company

Delta Air Lines is one of the largest airlines in the world, leading by such criteria as fleet size, passenger traffic volume and number of destinations. The airline operates flights to more than 317 destinations in 58 countries. Delta Air Lines has more than 720 aircraft and operates about 5,025 flights per day.

The facts about the airline

In 2009, Delta Air Lines began operating flights to Australia, after which it became the only American carrier that connects all continents of the world (except Antarctica). After the merger with Northwest Airlines by early 2010, Delta Air Lines became the largest commercial air carrier in the world.

Flight geography

Delta Air Lines operates flights to 317 destinations worldwide, covering countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Caribbean. The main connecting airports for flights from Ukraine to the U.S. with Delta Air Lines are Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow.

Loyalty program

SkyMiles is one of the largest and most successful loyalty programs, which has more than 30 years. The airline offers many opportunities to spend accumulated miles, including flight tickets, category change by number of miles, car rental, hotel, Delta Sky Club membership, trade and more than 30 types of gift cards. Since February 2011, SkyMiles miles have not expired under any circumstances.

When planning your vacation, people with special attention choose the most appropriate transport that will take them to the place of rest. There are not so many ways – road, rail, water and air transport. The latter type is the youngest, but already quite popular and proven. But often, the plane causes people serious fear and anxiety. Of course, it is unreasonable to be guided by this alone. In order to finally decide on the most appropriate type of transport, you should consider all the advantages of traveling by airplane.

Advantages of traveling on an airplane

  1. The most important advantage of air travel is its high speed. In just a few hours you can cross thousands of kilometers and find yourself in the right place. It is especially convenient for a limited time.
  2. Travel by air does not seem as tedious as, for example, on the train or bus. After all, there is no need to spend a few days on a trip.
  3. The planes are characterized by high service. The passenger during the flight is provided with food and drinks. In addition, there are all sorts of ways to pass the time, such as watching a movie, reading the press or browsing the magazine.
  4. During the flight, the passenger feels as comfortable and comfortable as possible, which is provided by comfortable seats, which allow them to have a great rest and even sleep.
  5. The view from the porthole, the beautiful landscapes below or the white clouds enveloping the plane are very impressive.
  6. Today there is a unique opportunity to book a ticket by phone or Internet and forget about the countless queues. And this service is available at any time most convenient for you.
  7. By plane you can go to any country, where you can not always reach by rail or road transport.

Now you can even buy such gift cards the Internet. So if you like to save money and do not want to spend extra money on the purchase of various goods and services, it is worth studying gift cards more carefully.