Additional risks when playing at online casinos

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The main risk when playing at a licensed casino is the negative mathematics of the slots for the player, when at a distance, even with any local successes, it will still be solid minus. But we will try to consider what additional risks may be when playing at the casino, in addition to the mathematics of RTP.

Unlicensed slots

Slots without a license, often give the worst returns (show me at least one unlicensed script slot at which the payoff is higher than that declared by the official provider), respectively, the player loses his money faster at a distance, that does not give more positive emotions in the game. If you are looking for reliable casinos with licensed slots, such as 888 casino canada, use


Playing for bonuses to the deposit carries a lot of additional risks, starting from exceeding the maximum bet, ending with the game in the slots prohibited by the rules when wagering bonus, because not all casinos technically limit the possibility of playing them, and then, after wagering it turns out that you violated the rules and you do not get anything. 

Existence of a duplicate account

Usually abusers use duplicates for wagering various nice bonuses, but no one guarantees that the payout of winnings you will not be told: “We found a duplicate of your account, the payment will be frozen, and you’re blocked” without providing any proof. It also happens that the player simply registered at this casino before, for example, from another email and never played, but that registration will already be considered a double.

Using someone else’s payroll, documents

Unfortunately, a very common mistake of the player himself. Used someone else’s card because you blocked yourself in the casino, that’s it, the money is gone. This is the problem of the player, who was not aware of the rules of the casino.

Alcohol and drugs

A very important point. Many people like to play for relaxation, even under light alcoholic beverages, such as beer, but it carries a huge additional risk, a drunk person begins to take a big risk, at the right time does not withdraw money, gets smeared stronger. Try to play sober without additional chemicals affecting the mind. Even a mild form of intoxication greatly dulls the mind, normal thinking, the ability to assess risks.

Using other people’s computers for the game

Players often get caught on it, and they didn’t mean to do anything bad on purpose. Just when you play from your friend’s computer, for example, he might also be registered at the casino and you will have an overlap in ipi, etc., shortly, the security service will suspect multi-account and there will be problems with withdrawal. So do not play with other people’s devices and do not let other people play from their devices.

Problems with verification of identity

Oddly enough, but even your identity can not always be successfully verified at the casino, especially if you will be asked for a certificate of abortion and an account statement from a Latvian bank, which you have never used.

Here we have named only some of the additional risks of the player when playing at various online casinos. Everywhere the rules are different and you should definitely familiarize yourself with them before making a deposit. Winning at a casino is not enough. You also need to withdraw your winnings, because until you withdraw them to your account, they are just numbers on the screen. Play at a reliable casino, such as the royal vegas flash casino, and let luck accompany you not only with the winnings.